Overview – The Plan in Broad Strokes

We have a plan for this land!  It’s a rough plan still, and very subject to change (especially once we see our new reality after this baby makes her appearance on the outside).  But here’s what we’re thinking right now:

Step 1:  Take down the cabin and associated out buildings.  Try to salvage building material if possible.

Step 2:  Build Lars’ woodshop in approximately the same places as the cabin is now.  As long as we stay within a certain radius, we can use the existing septic system (assuming it still works!) without having to upgrade it to current code (which could save us as much as $20,000).  The shop will be around the same size as the cabin is now (~1200 square feet), and it’ll have an apartment for us to live in.

Step 3, aggressive style:  Move into the shop apartment this fall, sometime before the snow puts an end to working outside for the season.

Step 3, more likely style:  Move into the shop apartment next summer/fall some time, when it’s finished.

Step 4:  Live in the shop for one-to-several years as we save up some house-building dollars and figure out exactly what we want our house to be, including finding the best building site.  There are several options for a building site and about ten bazillion options for what kind of house to build, and it’ll be really nice to take our time making these big decisions.

Steps 5-the end, in no particular order:  Build our house.  Make some big gardens and grow vegetables and maybe some flowers.  Get some chickens.  Build an inlaw/outlaw apartment/cabin/house somewhere and convince our parents that living there several months a year is a brilliant plan.  Live happily ever after.


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