Secret Trap Door

Ever since we bought the land and started sorting through the previous owner’s stuff, I have been hoping that we’d come across his stash. Maybe it would be dollar bills, or maybe gold bullion, or maybe just some really cool antiques. You can imagine the thrill that ran through me when we tore up the carpet in the front room and found this trap door:

trap door 1

What would be under there? A collection of rare coins? Jewels? A kilo of pot? His gun collection? (We had already found a typed inventory of the previous owner’s gun collection. He owned many.)

Alas. The trapdoor just leads to the crawlspace under the cabin. Nothing exciting there.
trap door 2

For several months, we left a large book case above the trap door. But then my parents hauled all the donate-able stuff to Goodwill, and the trapdoor was left unguarded. It was fortuitous, though – one day after that, Lars forgot to bring his keys, which meant no power, etc. He was able to lift himself up through the trap door and open the door from the inside. Until I can get him to reenact the process for me, I sadly have no photo.


Very Organized Friends

Our friends Liane and JC came up for a weekend visit a couple of weeks ago. They did a lot of hanging out and watching the baby make faces, but then they also spent a bunch of time at the land. JC removed the satellite dish from the side of the cabin. And because he’s a tiny bit OCD, he organized the removed pieces into the neatest pile you’ve ever seen:

satellite dish

He also carried a bunch of the burn pile down to the fire. Liane took some trips, too:

moving wood

Many, many thanks to both of them!

The First Before and After

Whoa.  This month has been crazy.  So much has happened I’m not even sure where to start.  So I’m just jumping in to a random place on my list.

Back at the beginning of August, Lars and I had to drive down to Springfield for most of the day.  We dropped my visiting parents off at the land and wished them luck.  Here’s what the front lawn looked like as we drove away:

front lawn before

When we came back, it was almost unrecognizable:
front lawn after

Apparently my parents are weed whacking maniacs.  The best part is that they also cleared a path over to the raspberry patch, so I can walk over without having to bring a machete to clear a path with.