Gma and Gpa

Lars’ grandparents came to visit us last weekend, and after they cooed at the baby for a while, we took them over to the land. They told us they were bringing their work clothes, which was enough encouragement for us to let them have at it.

Grandpa Larry took out all the windows from the front wall of the cabin (without breaking any glass!):
window removal by Gpa

And Grandma Doris moved fiberglass from the front lawn into the dumpster:
insulation cleanup by Gma

Many thanks to them!


Giant Raspberry on a Stem Plants

Lars pointed out these interesting plants to me.


I only found these two, although he claims there are more around. I’m hoping that someone (mom?) can tell me what they are, because they’re pretty darn cool looking.

artsy image


Click on any of the pictures for a larger version.

It’s Here!

where we got

It was delivered Wednesday and completely blocked the driveway until Lars started moving it yesterday. More details on the semi-complicated delivery and the subsequent moving to it’s final destination coming soon.

A Bed for My Dad

We found this totally awesome camp bed frame tucked away under a bunch of other stuff. It’s seriously heavy duty – built to last! The cabin was originally built as a camp for the local boy scout troop, and I wonder if all the boys slept on such awesome beds, or if this was the leader’s special frame. At any rate, we figured that my dad could sleep there when he came to help Lars work,if we could just find a mattress. All the mattresses in the cabin are disgusting – like I won’t touch them without gloves on, let alone sleep on them. So lucky for my dad, we made other arrangements, and he didn’t have to battle the mice for a place to sleep.

bed for dad