A Bed for My Dad

We found this totally awesome camp bed frame tucked away under a bunch of other stuff. It’s seriously heavy duty – built to last! The cabin was originally built as a camp for the local boy scout troop, and I wonder if all the boys slept on such awesome beds, or if this was the leader’s special frame. At any rate, we figured that my dad could sleep there when he came to help Lars work,if we could just find a mattress. All the mattresses in the cabin are disgusting – like I won’t touch them without gloves on, let alone sleep on them. So lucky for my dad, we made other arrangements, and he didn’t have to battle the mice for a place to sleep.

bed for dad


One thought on “A Bed for My Dad

  1. I’m happy to report that I didn’t have to sleep on that bed. In fact I carried it down to the scrap metal pile. The attractive chair in the picture got turned to carbon dioxide, water, and a few trace smoky elements in my daily fire.


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