Baby Watching and Nail Removing

A couple weeks ago, Lars and I headed over to the land to put a few hours of work in. Nya came along, of course. My plan was that she would nap on a blanket in the shade, or maybe in her car seat, and I would finally get to help with some of the physical labor over there. We decided a good task for me would be to remove nails from some of the salvageable boards Lars has pulled off of the cabin. I wouldn’t get too dirty, and I’d be able to keep an eye on her in case she woke up. Here’s my pile of nail-ful boards:

need nails removed

And here’s my pile of nail-less boards at the end of the day (along with my workbench):

finished pile

Turns out Nya wasn’t so keen on this plan of napping on a blanket. We’ll have to keep trying…


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