Diary – week of May 4th

One of the bloggers I read sometimes writes diary posts (like at the bottom of this post <– that's a link even though you can't see it very well. Some day I'll fix that…), where he lists bullet points of the things he got done on his renovation project in the last few days. I think it's a brilliant way to keep a record of what we've* done without the time required for full posts. So, here's what happened the first week of May:

– Took bobcat out of container and tuned it up. Attached backhoe and started practicing: removed crank case rock, then dug a big hole.

– Acquired more windows. Might have found a source for shop lights.

– Tried to weld hole in container roof. Welder broke.

– Left a message for the fire department, asking if they will help us burn down our ginormous burn pile.

*This blog is full of the royal we. Basically everything is being done by Lars…with very occasional bits of help by me.


Diary – week of May 11

  • fixed pump, seeded leech field with grass, watered leech field, ran well dry (twice). Turns out the well refills in a day or so.
  • fixed welder, welded hole in roof of shipping container, took a wire wheel to rusty spots on roof of container, painted those spots with primer
  • acquired tamper machine, learned it is really hard to use on a hill

Nap Success!

shipping container nap

Can you see the baby in there?  Yesterday, she took her first nap in the shipping container.  Now we just have to figure out how to entertain her while she’s awake so we can both get some work done.  She currently is on a dirt-eating spree and stuffs fistfuls of the stuff into her mouth whenever she gets even half a chance.  The ground at the land is all either bare dirt, dead leaves (another tasty favorite), or small plants over bare dirt (they don’t even slow her down on her way to the dirt).  The nearest grass is currently at the campsite at the top of the hill – too far from all the action. So Lars is working on seeding the flat spot at the bottom of the hill with grass – I can’t wait until it has filled in!

Also accomplished yesterday:

– Nya’s first picnic eating solids at the land (she’s had plenty of milk-only picnics).

– transplanted a bazillion baby raspberry canes into our patch.

– raked the leech field in preparation for seeding with grass.

– found the well pipe that had been buried under the rubble left over from the cabin last summer; discovered the pump is on the fritz; tried to fix the pump, but ran out of time; put the grass watering (and therefore grass seeding) project on hold.