Diary – week of May 4th

One of the bloggers I read sometimes writes diary posts (like at the bottom of this post <– that's a link even though you can't see it very well. Some day I'll fix that…), where he lists bullet points of the things he got done on his renovation project in the last few days. I think it's a brilliant way to keep a record of what we've* done without the time required for full posts. So, here's what happened the first week of May:

– Took bobcat out of container and tuned it up. Attached backhoe and started practicing: removed crank case rock, then dug a big hole.

– Acquired more windows. Might have found a source for shop lights.

– Tried to weld hole in container roof. Welder broke.

– Left a message for the fire department, asking if they will help us burn down our ginormous burn pile.

*This blog is full of the royal we. Basically everything is being done by Lars…with very occasional bits of help by me.


2 thoughts on “Diary – week of May 4th

  1. Hooray for new updates! I love hearing what’s going on with your wonderful projects. I need to call Larry and catch up (I’m such a slacker friend).


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