We’re here!

I just published a bunch of back-dated, not-very-finished drafts from a couple of summers ago.  Clearing out the backlog because

WE’RE HERE!  Living on our land in our RV.  Our old landlords sold the house we were living in, and the new landlords decided they didn’t want tenants in our apartment any more, so we had to move out.  Rather than moving twice (first to a new rental, then to our to-be-built house), we hatched the crazy plan of moving into our RV on our land (in October…winter is coming…) and speeding our house building up as fast as we could.  When the envelope is up, we’ll put in a wood stove, and hunker down for the winter.

It’s cozy here, and BEAUTIFUL.  There are no bugs.  The weather has been very mild, often sunny and warm.  We’ve only had one hard frost.  (How can that be?  It’s the end of October!  But we who don’t have indoor plumbing are not complaining.)  Peak leaf season also seemed late this year, so many trees still have leaves.  Spectacular!

And living on a dirt road sets Nya’s inner runner free.



Engineering Summer Camp

The Problem: You have a 9,000 pound steel box. The external dimensions are 40 feet long by 8 feet wide by 9.5 feet high. It’s at the bottom of a hill, and you want it to be at the top of the hill, rotated 90 degrees, and then moved across the top of the hill approximately 40 feet.

the plan

Note that 9,000 pounds is SUPER HEAVY.

super heavy

The Available Tools: Whatever you can scrape up from the remains of the decrepit cabin at the top of the hill. Electricity from a single outlet wired to the temporary power pole and some extension cords. Two 20-foot lengths of grade 70 chain. A 5-ton chain hoist. A hole hawg. All the trees you could ever want, some even in useful places. Some small logs. A big rusty simplex jack.

Lars’ Solution:
Attempt 1 – Pull really hard.
Result – No change in position of the box.

Attempt 2 – Modify the chain hoist to make it so it can be driven with the hole hawg. Attach the chains to a perfectly-placed tree. Run the chain hoist a whole bunch.


I never finished this post!  But Attempt 2 worked.  And I’m publishing now to clear out my back log of drafts ahead of big news.

Driveway Drainage, Diary 8/30

Some brief notes:

After getting Thomas stuck, Lars dug ditch next to driveway.
Needs to connect it to the drainage at the road.
I pulled out the top of the pine tree (8/30).
Lars moved rocks also moved my entire brush pile in 2 trips.  :/
He tried to get Thomas stuck again, but didn’t.

Rock Breaker

Notes from August 16 and 8/20, for our memories

Dad heated up big rock in driveway

poured on water

got some cracks, not as dramatic as desired

but there was quite a bit of cracking from just the fire

a couple more days of fire, plus some whacking of the rock with a sledge hammer and amazon bar

used pins and feathers

finally could move w/Thomas on 8/20

Diary August 15

  • Melroe got a big brother (Thomas)
  • Clyde made shelves in the shipping container
  • Lars derustified big brother, welded new foot pedals, new well was dry, also hooked pump up to old well for pressure washing, spray painted metal parts