It’s Down!

Alternative title for this post:
Engineering Summer Camp Continues – Gravitational Potential Energy Reduced!

There is so much back story missing from this blog, especially about the demolition of the cabin. But I’m too excited to not just post this immediately. Since we bought the land, tearing down the cabin has been the first major step. And now it’s down!


See-Through House

When I was growing up, my grandparents lived on an island in Puget Sound. They and many of their neighbors had gorgeous views of tall cedar trees and the water below. I remember one of their neighbor’s houses in particular, because we commented on it every time we drove by. The front door was mostly glass, and on the far wall of the house immediately opposite the door, was a large window. Even from the street, you could see straight through the house and almost see the view beyond. It made a big impression on me, and I remember thinking that if I ever had my own house, I would want it to be see-through, too. Now I have one!

see-through house

Gma and Gpa

Lars’ grandparents came to visit us last weekend, and after they cooed at the baby for a while, we took them over to the land. They told us they were bringing their work clothes, which was enough encouragement for us to let them have at it.

Grandpa Larry took out all the windows from the front wall of the cabin (without breaking any glass!):
window removal by Gpa

And Grandma Doris moved fiberglass from the front lawn into the dumpster:
insulation cleanup by Gma

Many thanks to them!